Adding a Sprinkler Zone to an Existing Sprinkler System

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If you already have a sprinkler system, but need to add a zone, you don’t need to dig out your entire sprinkler system. There will be a way to simply dig out trenches for the new zone. Just attach another sprinkler valve onto the manifold for the new zone.

Starting a new project and adding a sprinkler zone to the manifold isn’t a very easy task, and we recommend calling Sprinkler Master Repair Fresno CA to do it. But if you want to tackle the project yourself, here are the steps to do it:

Turn off the water main

Make sure you have the water line turned off. Whether this is your main shut-off at your culinary water or your irrigation water main, ensure that no water can come in through the sprinkler system.

Dig the Trenches

Make sure that your trenches are dug to the depth they need to be in order to comply with local requirements. Dig the trenches you will need for all piping and sprinkler heads for the new zone. Once trenches are dug, you can lay the pipes (don’t connect them or glue them together yet) in the trenches to make sure you have enough pipes.

Add the new valve to the manifold

Go to the manifold that you want to add the new sprinkler valve to, and cut off the cap from the end of the manifold that’s there. Here, take a union and the pipes you need to connect the new valve to the end of the existing manifold. When you’re gluing in the new pipes and connections, make sure you have enough length of PVC pipe to reach all the way into the connection.

Connect the new zone

Now that your new valve is connected to the manifold, you need to connect all the pipes of the zone together. Start with the main lateral line going out from the valve. Glue that pipe into the valve, and then work outward from that pipe. Work sequentially gluing pipes from the closest to the furthest from the valve, ending on the funny pipe sections and sprinkler heads at the end. Place your sprinkler heads flush with the ground, and level.

Test the new zone

Once you’ve glued and let the glue set as long as the glue manufacturer recommends, run the sprinkler zone. This is the time to check pressure, adjust sprinkler heads, and check the pipes for leaks before burying the new zone. While the system is running, just double-check everything in the system to make sure it all looks good.

Burying the zone

Once the zone has been checked for leaks and the sprinklers have been adjusted, bury the sprinkler lines and do your best to make the dirt all level.

Enjoy your new system!

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