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Sprinkler repair can be a long and expensive process for most people. Your time is valuable and you don’t need to spend it worrying about sprinkler problems. The experts at sprinkler master are specially trained in all problems related to sprinklers.

Areas we Specialize in:

              • Installations
              • Repairs
              • Replacements
              • And more

Let the Sprinkler Masters help you with your sprinkler problems.

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19 Jan 2022

Sprinkler Installation in Fresno, CA

Call us today at (559) 422-3808!


This year, grasp your dream of finally having the greenest lawn on the block! Save yourself time, effort, money, and reduce wastewater by getting an automatic sprinkler system installed.


Take advantage of the expertise of the technicians at Sprinkler Master Repair in Fresno. Our knowledge and desire for perfection doesn’t stop at our winterization, start up, or even our repair services, though we’re proud of our work there, too.


We pride ourselves on our abilities to create and tailor a sprinkler system for your house. If you’ve had it with dragging a hose around the yard and dealing with dry spots, or even wasting water by running a hose sprinkler during the day, we have the solution for you. An automatic sprinkler system will run at the perfect times to reduce wastewater. Sprinkler systems can ensure that your lawn is soaking up as much of your water as it possibly can. This means even if you’re at work, asleep, or even on vacation, you don’t have to worry about your lawn being watered.


Reduce the water you use. Keep your lawn greener. Save time. Ease your mind. All just by getting a sprinkler system installed by the masters at Sprinkler Master in Fresno, California.


12 Aug 2021

Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) (559) 422-3808

Are your sprinklers not working? Need them replaced or repair? We can help!

At Sprinkler Master, we excel at sprinkler repair. There is no sprinkler issue that we cannot fix. Our talented, licensed technicians will take care of you and your sprinkler system.

  • Replace nozzles- Have a broken sprinkler system nozzle? We can replace that!
  •  Replace sprinkler heads- If your sprinkler heads aren’t rotating or spraying correctly, it can cause dry spots in your lawn. If you need them replaced, give us a call at (559) 422-3808
  • Add lawn sprinkler heads- Are you expanding your yard, or just need a few sprinkler heads added? We can help!
  • Replace solenoid valves- Need a solenoid valve replaced? We can help! Our licensed technicians will have that done in no time!
  • Replace a control timer- There are plenty of new, high-tech sprinkler timers out there that will save you time, money, and water. We install Skydrop timers, which are at the forefront of the control timer industry. Want one installed? Give us a call!
  • Repair a broken line- Broken lines can cause bubbling, swampy areas, and dry spots, ruining all your hard work on your beautiful lawn. Don’t let a broken line destroy your lawn. Give us a call!
  • Reset sprinkler heads- If your sprinkler heads don’t seem to be working correctly, a reset may be in order. Give us a call, and we’ll do it for you!
  •  Raise sprinkler heads in flower beds or behind shrubs- Raising your sprinkler heads in your flowerbeds or shrubs will allow them to get the proper moisture they need to be healthy.
  •  Install a rain or moisture sensor- Want to save water and money? Installing a rain or moisture sensor will do just that! It’ll automatically shut off your system when it doesn’t need to be watered, saving you water! We’d be happy to install one for you!
  •  Install sprinkler valve box- A sprinkler valve box gives you easy access to your sprinkler system valves. Want one installed? Give us a call!
  •  Fix lawn dry spots- Dry spots can ruin the look of your beautiful lawn, but we can help! Give us a call and we’ll find the issue and fix it.
08 Mar 2021

Spring Sprinkler Start-ups with Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA)

spring sprinkler start-upWhen push comes to shove, your sprinkler system should always be healthy and well. With springtime right around the corner, most everything is changing. Is your sprinkler system on the list or making the cut? A quality spring sprinkler start-up from Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) can set your lawn off on the right foot in the coming watering season. What are you waiting for? Call us today at (559) 422-3808!

Although other companies can offer similar services and similar price points, at Sprinkler Master Repair, we utilize an eight-step start-up process. All steps ensure that your irrigation system starts when it needs to with no hangups or underlying issues. Learn more about it here! At Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) you have our guarantee of quality parts and products at an affordable price. Call us today for a quality spring sprinkler start-up at (559) 422-3808.

Beyond Start-ups

Spring can come and go in the blink of an eye at times, but that doesn’t mean that Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) can’t help you! With a call to (599) 422-3808, we can meet your every irrigation need, including: sprinkler spring start-up

  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Irrigation System Repairs
  • Fixing Automatic Sprinkler Timers
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Solenoid Assistance
  • Shifting Sprinkler Zone Coverage
  • Winterization
  • Sprinkler Valve Replacement
  • General Landscaping Needs
  • And More!

Those services are just the tip of the iceberg! Call us at (559) 422-3808 to get a more comprehensive list of what we can do for you and your lawn. The Sprinkler Master guarantee is yours for the taking! What’s more, we can assist you all across Fresno County, including the following cities and towns:

Are you in need of a quality spring sprinkler start-up service? Maybe just some general lawn care advice and maintenance? You’ve come to the right place with Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA). Call us at (559) 422-3808 to schedule an appointment today!

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22 Jan 2021

Why you need Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) in 2021

Even with January out the door, there are still 11 months in 2021 to get the most out of your lawn and garden. Living around Fresno, CA provides a variable climate with lots of sunshine and mild weather. In short, it’s an optimal location to have a wonderful lawn and garden — if you know how to take care of it. That’s where Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) steps into the picture. If you’re wanting an incredible lawn and garden in 2021, now is the time to contact Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), at (559) 422-3808.

Are you still unsure? Need more reasoning? Keep reading to better understand the why and how of what Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) can do for you in 2021!

Sprinkler Service When You Need it Most

As mentioned above, Fresno sits in an ideal climate for the perfect lawn. That means there are no off days in maintaining it and managing the details of your lawn and garden. With Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we don’t take any days off for you either. When you call us at (559) 422-3808, we’ll be there for you year-round. The key to a perfect lawn is consistency, and lucky for you, consistency is one of Sprinkler Master’s key qualities. We believe and understand that it’s what you deserve, not just as a customer, but as a person and a human being. Furthermore, at Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we are always in pursuit of treating you like family. Nothing is more incriminating than being cheated on by a company of any kind. You deserve fairness, and that’s what we strive to do at every job.

Beyond our philosophy, our sprinkler and irrigation services are unparalleled across Fresno County. When you need installations, repairs, blowouts, or any other variety of service, simply call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) at (559) 422-3808. We specialize in the following services:

  • General System Repair/Diagnosis
  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Specialized Service
  • Fixing Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Adjusting Sprinkler Lines
  • General Landscape Maintenance
  • Shifting Zone Coverage
  • Repairing Faulty Automatic Sprinkler Timers
  • And More!

Location Services — Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) Comes to You

Isn’t it just the worst when you get lost with a GPS or find yourself lost in a neighborhood or area you’re unfamiliar with? When you call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) at (559) 422-3808, you can kiss those days goodbye. We don’t believe in positioning you to get lost. That’s why at any and every job, we come to you — wherever you are! At Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we believe in the mantra that “we install the best and repair the rest.” No matter where you live, we can come to service you; and no matter the degree of difficulty in a job, we can get it done right. That’s just the Sprinkler Master guarantee in action.

Call (559) 422-3808 to get serviced in any of the following locations:

Positive Reviews=Positive Business Sprinkler Master 2021 Reviews GMB

In modern society today, unfortunately, there’s such a thing as bad business. It means getting caught off-guard with surprise fees, unsatisfactory service, or disgruntled employees. At Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we only believe in positive business, and that’s directly reflected in our positive reviews. When you call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) at (559) 422-3808 you’ll understand first-hand what our positive business model means. We believe in transparency and open communication. When you schedule a job with us, say goodbye to surprise fees, unresponsive and unsatisfactory service, and disgruntled employees. With Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we only send qualified and trained sprinkler technicians to the job, and everything is done in a timely manner.

Still don’t believe the reviews? Click on the image and see for yourself why so many people have consistently used Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA).


Get on the list yourself and be next in line for quality sprinkler, lawn, and garden care in 2021 by calling (559) 422-3808. At Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we know we can make a difference with your property this year. Call us and see for yourself how we install the best and repair the rest!

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06 Jan 2021

Get your Sprinkler System Repaired in 2021 with Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA)

If your sprinkler system is like anyone else’s, it’s prone to breaking down and falling apart eventually. If you find yourself in that predicament in 2021, you need to call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) ASAP! From anything ranging from general repairs to extreme needs, one call to (559) 422-3808 will get you on the right track for quality irrigation repairs at an affordable price!

Call (559) 422-3808 for any of the following repair services:

  • General Irrigation Repair
  • Fixing Faulty or Broken Sprinkler Timers
  • Adjusting Sprinkler Lines
  • Moving Sprinkler Zones
  • Fixing Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Basic Landscape Maintenance
  • And More!

Call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) for all your repair and general sprinkler needs at (559) 422-3808! We install the best and repair the rest — always!

sprinkler master fresno

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22 Oct 2020

Sprinkler Winterizations and Blowouts with Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA)

Although it might not seem like a complete necessity, sprinkler winterization can go a long way. In Fresno County, CA, it’s just cold enough in some places to even consider sprinkler blowouts and other traditionally fall-winter services. However, one call to Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) can change that. Call (559) 422-3808 to schedule an appointment today. In the northern half of Fresno County, freezing temperatures are more common. If you let moisture and water go unchecked in your irrigation pipes, you may have some problems on your hands. Water that’s left in pipes and freezes can potentially break the pipe, creating headaches and stress for you. Make the right choice and call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) if you think you qualify for this service. One call to (559) 422-3808 can prepare your sprinkler system for fall or winter, and get it ready to start up next spring.

Choosing Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) for Blowouts and More

Blowouts Winterizations Fresno

While sprinkler blowouts might not seem like an immediate need, for now, it’d be best to call us today to see if you qualify for our services! At Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) we’re here to help you love your lawn year-round. Even though freezing temperatures aren’t common, they happen enough that you should prepare for anything. According to this source, there’s enough reason to call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) in any of the following locations:

Schedule your appointment today by calling (559) 422-3808! Our winterizations and blowouts are a fast, affordable way to be prepared for unexpected cold weather. Our simple process can be seen by clicking here. Once more, the northern half of Fresno County may be the most applicable for sprinkler blowouts or winterization services, but call (559) 422-3808 to see if you qualify today!

Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) believes in preparedness. Prepare your sprinkler system for anything that could happen this fall or winter. At the rate of 2020 so far, anything can happen. Get your sprinkler system ready today by calling (559) 422-3808 now!

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14 Aug 2020

Summer’s Winding Down — Is Your Lawn Prepared? See What Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) Can Do For You!

valve replacement sprinkler master fresnoIt still may be warm outside, and even though the summer season is nearing its end, there’s still much to be done for your lawn to be prepared for fall and winter. Are you ready? With Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), you can be! Have peace of mind by calling the sprinkler masters of Fresno County at (559) 422-3808. Whether you’re in Clovis, or Selma, or anywhere in between, Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) has got you covered because we cover the majority of Fresno County!

It’d be too easy for your lawn to take a vacation after being meticulously worked on all summer long with constant watering and mowing. But you’re grass doesn’t take a break, and you can’t afford to either! Preparing is always essential, but when it comes to your yard and your sprinkler irrigation system, you’ll want to make sure it’s all set for winter and can come out in the spring when needed. By following some of these steps below from Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), you can make sure your lawn and sprinkler system are all set for what could be a long winter and early spring! Through all of what you read below, call us at (559) 422-3808 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services we have to offer!

In Fresno County, Keep Mowing As Needed

There is no surprise that Fresno County rarely if ever, sees snow. From a climate perspective, Fresno maintains humidity, warmth, and sunshine most of the year. As the seasons change from summer to fall to winter, however, we do see a slight shift in moisture, precipitation, and other weather factors. Because there’s no snow like a typical winter, you still have to do some pretty regular maintenance to your lawn specifically to make sure it’s healthy and maintained adequately. This includes, but is not limited to, mowing until regular precipitation rolls in or fall leaves come down to the ground. However, how often should you mow your lawn in between summer and winter? The general rule of thumb is to mow every 10 to 14 days and to keep your lawn at the height of roughly one and a half inches in length. Doing this will keep your grass healthy and growing at a stable rate still. As the leaves start falling in fall, or even as debris pollutes your lawn or garden space, be sure to clear it regularly to ensure optimal growth.

Reduce Sprinkler Irrigation Flow or Stop Altogether

As Fresno County does see peak precipitation in the months of October-March, you’ll want to keep a close eye on how frequently you water your lawn or garden with a sprinkler system. If you still drag a hose around your yard to water your lawn, consider sprinkler installation from Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA)! You can save time and money with same day install services by calling (599) 422-3808 and scheduling an appointment. However, though that may not be a fall or winter commodity, be sure to understand that your lawn simply doesn’t need as much moisture as it usually does during the summer. Depending on the precipitation during the fall and through the spring, you may want to consider reducing the use of your sprinkler or irrigation system or stopping it altogether as necessary. If you’re unsure if you need to, or how to do those things, give Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) a call today at (559) 422-3808! We can get your sprinkler system taken care of with quality parts and products at an affordable price because, at Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), that’s just what we do!

Fertilize The Lawn and Check Your Irrigation System Frequentlysprinkler repair Clovis California sprinkler master

Fertilizing your lawn is essentially giving it the nutrients it needs to grow, be nourished, and succeed. Even though you won’t be fertilizing as heavily or as often as usual, it’s still a good idea to feed it from time to time. If you have more of a cool-grass season, you’ll want to continue with near-regular fertilization. However, if you find yourself in more of a warm-grass season, you may be able to stop using fertilizer altogether! Click here to see more about using fertilizer in your neck of the woods!

Regular maintenance and checking of your irrigation system can save a lot of headaches in the future. However, too often, as it gets colder and wetter outside, many people think that their sprinkler irrigation system will be okay being left unchecked. Get in the habit of regularly checking up on your irrigation system. Problems can be fixed now instead of later with a call to Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) at (559) 422-3808. We specialize in sprinkler repairs around all of Fresno County, including:


With summer winding down, there’s still a lot to get done around your lawn and sprinkler system. Aren’t sure that you’re ready for it all still? Call the sprinkler masters of Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) today at (559) 422-3808 to get scheduled for quality sprinkler service when it matters most. We use quality parts and quality service no matter what to ensure that you love the way your lawn looks and feels. With quality sprinkler installation, quality sprinkler system repair, or any other service, Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) is a name you can trust no matter what!

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26 Jun 2020

Understanding Manual Sprinkler Valves with Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA)

Though some would think that automatic sprinkler valves are all the rage today, manual sprinkler valves are still plenty common enough to talk about. At Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we care about the life of your lawn, whether it’s new or old. We’re in the business of creating satisfied, lifelong customers after every single job. We only employ the best practices in quality service and quality parts at an affordable price all throughout Fresno County. When it comes to manual sprinkler valves, automatic sprinkler valves, fixing broken sprinkler heads, sprinkler installation, sprinkler system repair, or anything else in between, we’re the company for you at Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA).

manual sprinkler valve replacement sprinkler master fresno


The purpose of a manual sprinkler valve is similar to that of an automatic sprinkler valve. It’s there to restrict or allow water flow from a mainline water supply to a lateral line and out through the sprinkler system. They are typically found near a house or next to the sprinkler main and can be exposed, in an underground valve box, or in a metal cylinder. Manual sprinkler valves can also be used as bleed or blow out valves in most units.

Click here to watch a video that explains an overview of Manual Sprinkler Valves.

How It Works

There are different types of manual valves. Though they all serve the same purpose, they all have a fairly diverse functionality.

Ball Valves

Ball valves have a ball with an opening on the inside that rotates with the handle. Rotating the handle turns the water on or off.

Gate Valves

Gate valves literally house a gate that opens and closes to adjust the water flow. When the knob is twisted, it either lifts or presses the gate, adjusting the opening and changing water flow.

Stop and Waste

Stop and Waste valves are often the main valve used as the principle shutoff for outside water. These valves are especially useful before winter to help avoid freezing and bursting pipes. When shut off, they will automatically drain the remaining water out of the system.

Hose Spigots

Hose spigots are similar to gate valves with the exception of location. Screwing the handle in or out lifts or presses the seal adjusting water flow, just like the gate valve.

Pros and Cons

  • A pro is that they can be great for controlling pressure. You’re in control and can make the decisions with water flow!
  • Another pro is that manual valves don’t require a lot of space to operate. Most of the inner parts can also be replaced, although few stores carry those parts and you may need to order and purchase online.
  • One more pro is that they typically last longer than most other valves, including automatic sprinkler valves, but when rust or debris has built up they can be a little more difficult to operate.
  • A con is similar to our first pro; manual valves cannot be turned on electronically, and their use is entirely up to you. Most automatic or electronic shut off valves requires a power source, but with a manual valve, it’s free whenever!
    • You really can’t go wrong with a manual sprinkler valve!

Common Problemssprinkler repair Clovis California sprinkler master manual valves

The biggest problem you’ll see on valves is seal failure. On rubber seals, they can become loose, fall off, or damaged. Weathering and too much constant use can crack the outside of the valve, or corrode the handle until it breaks. A gate valve can be cross-threaded as well if not screwed on carefully. Occasionally a nipple will break or crack inside. Generally speaking, however, manual valves do last longer than automatic sprinkler valves.

How to Diagnose

Manual sprinkler valves are also a little more simple to read than automatic valves. The issues are more cut and dry as opposed to some electrical issues common with automatic sprinkler valves. Some problems are physically visible but the more sure way to diagnose problems is to check if the valve turns completely on or off. If they do not turn on and off there is a problem with the seal, stem, handle, or inside of the valve, and some or all of the parts must be replaced. When checking if the valve turns on and off, check if the handle is turning easily. Also, check for leaks from the threads or fittings inside the valve to get a better idea of how to solve the problem at hand.

How to Repair

Most manual valves can be repaired by unscrewing the inner parts of the valve and removing them from the casing. After that, simply replace the broken piece with the exact same part from the exact same brand, replace any rubber seals that are compromised, check the inside of the casing for damage, and then replace the internals. If there is damage inside the casing, an entirely new valve assembly may need to be installed. Sometimes there are unions connected to the valve that you can undo and remove the valve and screw the new one in. If there is no union, you’ll have to cut the pipe and install a new fitting that adapts from the pipe to threads that can be screwed onto the valve.

Tips and Tricks

It may be easier to replace the whole valve, rather than try to repair the internals. Bring the old valve with you if or when you’re replacing so it’s easier to match up. Make sure to dig your hole deep and wide enough to screw the valve on and off without dirt getting into the pipes. Dirt and weather will make them not last as long, so make sure they are not buried from the dirt, and they are protected from the elements. It is usually easier to screw a metal fitting onto a metal valve rather than using plastic. If you are having trouble screwing a nipple into a valve, try unscrewing the pipe in the fitting until it clicks in, then screws in all the way.


When you need sprinkler help to any degree, call Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) today at (559) 422-3808. We cover the bulk of Fresno County, including:

Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) is ready to take your lawn to the next level! If you need sprinkler installations, sprinkler repair, drip irrigation, winterized sprinklers, sprinkler system repair, fixing manual or automatic sprinkler valves, or anything else sprinkler-related in between, call us today at (559) 422-3808!

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28 May 2020

Understanding Automatic Sprinkler Valves with Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA)

There is a lot to understand when it comes to the components of a sprinkler system. At Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), we not only care to provide you with quality service, but we strive to teach quality service as well. A job is still half-complete if you didn’t learn something along the way, so today we are here to help you know all you need to know about automatic sprinkler valves, and what they do for your lawn! If you want to get in touch with Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA), simply give us a call, at (559) 422-3808.

The Automatic Sprinkler Valve Purpose

The purpose of an automatic sprinkler valve is to turn the water on or off to the sprinkler zones.

Names of Parts

  • A solenoid is a device that lifts a cylindrical metal bar up and down through electromagnetism. When this cylindrical bar raises, it allows water to flow through the valve. The majority are actuated with 24-volt ac electricity.
  • Valves also have bleeder screws that allow manual operation of the valve. The bleeder screw is small, and when it is unscrewed to allow air into the top of the valve, it then allows water to flow through the valve.
  • Another feature some valves have is called flow control. This is a small gate valve that when screwed clockwise restricts the flow of water, and when turned counterclockwise, allows water to flow again. A valve can be turned off all the way within the flow control.
  • On the inside of the valve, there is a rubber diaphragm and a spring that is used with the valve parts above to help control the water.

Common Brand NamesFresno CA Sprinkler Master Automatic Sprinkler Valves

Part Names

Casing: The plastic outside containing all of the internals.

Wiring: The electrical connections allowing the valve to function.

Diaphragms: The rubber piece inside that lifts or falls, allowing water to flow.

Solenoids: A metal rod that is lifted or dropped by electric flow allowing the diaphragm to move.

Flow Control Screw: Screw on the top of the housing that allows the pressure to flow through the valve without the solenoid being actuated.

How Automatic Sprinkler Valves Work

An automatic sprinkler valve is electronically controlled. A sprinkler timer tells the valve to open or close using 24v ac electricity, with the solenoid allowing the diaphragm to open, and water to flow through. Valves can also be turned on manually with the bleeder screw turning it a quarter turn counter-clockwise.

Pros and Cons

  • Automatic sprinkler valves can be turned on and off electronically or manually.
  • They can be battery powered.
  • There are many different brands and styles, but all use the same universal functions of having a diaphragm and a solenoid actuating them.
  • When there’s any electrical damage, valves will not turn on. This can include hard water residue build-up on solenoids.
  • Valves being stuck on are usually caused by torn Diaphragms, dirt or rocks ruining the valves, solenoids breaking off in the valve, and the flow control getting stuck in the closed position.

How to Diagnose Automatic Sprinkler Valves


  • If the valve does not turn on, it’s most likely an electrical issue.Fresno CA Automatic Sprinkler Valves
  • Start by turning on the clock for that zone, then feel the solenoid with your hand. If you feel a small vibration, the solenoid is on and functional. If so, check the flow control. Turn the flow control counterclockwise as much as you can. If the valve still does not turn on, unscrew the solenoid by turning counterclockwise.
  • If there is still no flow, use the bleeder screw. Manually turn on an adjacent valve to ensure that you’re getting water pressure. If the valve is installed backward, water will never flow through. At that point, if none of those work, replace the diaphragm and clean the valve out. If that still does not work you’ll need to replace the entire valve. Make sure there’s water pressure running to it.


  • If it’s an electrical issue and you’re not getting power, You need to do deductive reasoning to find out which of the three possible problems you’re dealing with. Those possible problems are; the solenoid is bad, the wiring is bad, Or, the timer is bad. We cover more detail on electrical later in the course.
  • If a valve is sticking on and is getting power, you will need to replace the valve or rebuild it.
  • To rebuild a valve, you will first need to unscrew the screws, take off the top, and take out the internals. Remember exactly how you took it apart. Replace all the internal parts, the solenoid, manifold, spring, and top of the valve, and screw the assembly together again. Remember if you replace any parts of any valve to match it with the exact same brand and model. If any parts are mismatched or improperly installed, it will probably not work.
  • To replace a diaphragm, take apart as shown in the video, and simply place the new diaphragm in place of the old one, and reassemble the valve.
  • To replace the solenoid, remove the wiring, unscrew from its housing, and screw the new one into place, and connect the wiring using waterproof wire nuts
  • If the valve is damaged or cracked it is best to replace the entire valve.

Tips and Tricks

Always try to use waterproof wire nuts on your electrical connections. They’ll hold up better in the long run. Also, the easiest way to see if the valve is getting electricity is to activate it via the timer and feeling if the solenoid vibrates. If it doesn’t, you need to check the wiring. If it does, there’s a problem with the valve internals.

As time passes and there are any other sprinkler issues you currently have — or think you may have down the road — don’t hesitate to give Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) a call today, at (559) 422-3808. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price, and that includes any issues with your automatic sprinkler valves. That is the Sprinkler Master Repair (Fresno, CA) difference. We install the best and repair the rest, every time!