Bring Beauty to Your Home With Sprinkler Master

After a long winter lots of us want to add some color and beauty to our homes with shrubs and flowers in Fresno, California. Before planting consider these tips from Sprinkler Master Repair Fresno California.

  • Consider sun exposure: Fresno gets a lot of sun, so it’s important to choose plants that can handle direct sunlight. Look for plants that are labeled “full sun” or “heat tolerant”.
  • Look for water sources: Make sure to plant shrubs and flowers near a water source, such as a sprinkler system, to ensure that they get the proper amount of water they need to thrive.
  • Choose appropriate planting locations: Make sure to choose locations where the plants can grow and spread comfortably without crowding each other out or interfering with other landscaping features.
  • Plant in the fall or spring: Fall and spring are the best times to plant shrubs and flowers in Fresno. The cooler temperatures and increased rainfall make it easier for plants to establish their roots before summer.

Sprinkler Master wants to help make sure that your shrubs and flowers thrive in your Fresno yard. And if you need any help with your sprinkler system or landscaping needs, contact Sprinkler Master for assistance! #gardening #landscaping #Fresno #plantingtips #sprinklersystem #lawnmaintenance

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