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Automatic sprinkler systems can feel like a lifesaver when it comes to saving time, money, and even water. But any time there are moving parts, there will eventually be breakdowns. Unfortunately, this is true for sprinkler systems as well. Sprinkler systems are made up of a lot of different moving parts that you can often forget about. Your system turns on and off, and waters your entire lawn usually without any input from you. But if you've noticed that your sprinkler system isn't quite watering as well as it was, or there are new dry spots in your lawn, it may be time to have your sprinkler system serviced.


Sprinkler Master in Clovis, CA is the best local sprinkler company. Our years of experience with professional sprinkler repair means we're quick and confident with our repairs. Though sprinkler systems can seem complicated, we understand them like no one else. From dry spots to low water pressure to faulty timers, we are confident we can help you fix your problem with your sprinkler system, at a fair price. Don't let any problems go unresolved with your sprinklers.


We pride ourselves on being able to find and fix any problem with sprinklers. Some of our most common services include:

  • Sprinkler Head Replacement
  • PVC Pipe Repair
  • Poly Pipe Repair
  • Drip Line Installation
  • Adding a Sprinkler Zone
  • Sprinkler Timer Programming
  • Installing Low Pressure Sprinkler Heads
  • Installing Sprinkler Systems
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