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Keep your lawn lush with a smart timer installed by Sprinkler Master!

A regular automatic sprinkler timer is amazing. It runs your sprinklers for the exact time you specify, and whatever time and day you choose, without your needing to be there to babysit it. But did did you know that regular timers are starting to be outdated? And not just because they're old and starting to look a little run down, but because there are now smart timers. With wifi connectivity, a smart timer does more than just automatically turn on and off your sprinklers. A smart timer can retrieve all kinds of data and run smarter for you. They can even look at the weather forecast, and turn off the sprinklers if it's expected to rain!

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Sprinkler Master Repair

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When Sprinkler Master in Sanger, CA installs a smart timer for you, we want to remove your sprinkler system from your mind. We don't want you to have to touch your sprinkler timer ever again. No manual rain delays, no messing with your weekly a-b cycles for your zones, no more remembering to turn off your sprinklers for the colder months. Experience true stress-free sprinkling when you call Sprinkler Master to renovate your sprinkler system to the newest tech. We can do any repairs you need while we're there, and we're always here to help you keep your sprinkler system running just the way you want. Call or text us today at (559) 422-3808

Sprinkler Master does all things sprinklers, including:

  • Smart Timer Installation
  • Sprinkler Head Replacement
  • Adding a Zone
  • Sprinkler Timer Programming
  • Adding a Zone
  • Installing Moisture Sensor
  • Drip Line Installation
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